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Constance Marie

3D Crystal Memories

3D Crystal Gifts

Capture your favorite moments in a customized 3D Laser Engraved Keepsake! This is a gift that will Always be remembered; Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Military Service, Tributes, Pets, Party Favors and more!

To truly enhance the visual effects, add a lighted LED base.


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Customer Reviews

  • I love this crystal memory Harry created for our dearly beloved Romeo! Thank you for capturing his essence (forever) in a memory of our boy!Kristen will always miss him, but cherish this! ❤️💔❤️
    Vicki G.
  • Crystal Gift Review by Denise
    Thank you so much for creating such an amazing crystal of my daughter and her horse. It will be cherished forever and I love that this moment in her childhood has been captured so beautifully!!
    Denise C.
  • Crystal Cut Corner Review
    Little girls plan and dream about their wedding day years before they are old enough to get married. When that wonderful wedding day finally occurs, that same little girl who is now a woman, is praying to have a perfect wedding day filled with a lifetime of memories. My 3D Crystal wedding picture is a reminder of my beautiful and perfect wedding day 18 years later. Priceless memorabilia!
  • Award presented to me last night at Philadelphia’s Greatest Women Athletes & Coaches Dinner. From my student, Fredia “The Cheetah” Gibbs.You actually have to see the award to understand it. It’s made of crystal glass and a laser was used to cut the image in the center. The thing weighs about 10 pounds.
    Master Rick
  • Corner Cut Cube Crystal - Customer Review
    Outstanding service and excellent quality, we love the photo detail of our Boxer Roxie in the crystal.
    Harry & Laurie Fash
  • Rectangular Crystal Block Review
    My sons took me to Zermatt, Switzerland for a surprise birthday ski trip. We flew over the Alps in a private helicopter. You produced a magnificent 3D crystal of us and the helicopter. You made four of them which I gave to each of my sons. This crystal memorializes a very special day in my life that I will never forget. We all love looking at it. Thank you Harry!
    Saul L.
  • Fredia "The Cheetah" Gibbs - Custom Crystal Review
    Thank u Constance Marie 3D Crystal for this dope ass award for receiving my Life time Achievement Proclamation from the City of Chester, Mayor & Councils. I luv this so much I’ve decided to honor each recipient at the Philadelphia Greatest Women Athletes & Coaches Annual Awards with one on 8/18/18 their going to luv it #harrypalmer you are the man. #lifetimeachievements #frediacheetahgibbs #sportslegend #Legends #therealdeal #thetruth #asrealasitgets
    Fredia Cheetah Gibbs
  • Customer Review Serrated Crystal
    I am elated to write this testimonial sharing how excited I am, after receiving my beautiful Mother's Day gift, engraved into an eloquent block of fine crystal, with images of my late mother, my daughter & yours truly, from a photo taken from my daughter's wedding album.This memorabilia will last through generations to come, without fading, stains or wrinkles. Everyone who sees my beautiful gift wants to know where, and how I had it done.Thank you for this new treasure in my life. I hope you bring the same joy to others that you have brought to me!
    Helen B.

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